Automated business communications

DocForm enables high-volume, data-driven forms of electronic and print communication

Personalize the experience

High volume of personalized business communications

DocForm is designed for organizations that need to generate high volumes of highly personalized electronic, mobile, email, and print business communications.
  • It's ideal for eStatement and printed statements, customer notifications, and other types of complex communications.
  • Quickly create a set of documents so your organization can easily provide customers print and electronic cross-channel communications.
  • Generate lifelong value and loyalty with personalized communications to your customers.
  • Always data-driven

    Create complex personalized documents

    DocForm creates these complex communications by ingesting data from multiple sources and inputs. These input sources include multiple databases, print queues, XML streams, and many other data sources.
  • DocForm also processes nested-XML streams to create complex and data-nested statements often used in financial and banking statements.
  • DocForm can then conditionally process these data sources to further create on-the-fly charts and graphs, conditional image selection, and calculations.
  • DocForm can dynamically create QR codes and 95 other styles of barcodes to match all barcode requirements.
  • Deliver with one application

    Many outputs and delivery methods

    DocForm is built for the rapid processing and generation of complex electronic and print documents for production environments. And DocForm can automatically deliver its projects to many output types including:
  • Print
  • HTML emails
  • HTML to Web Pages
  • Links within, and attachments to, emails
  • Searchable PDFs and TIFFs
  • RTF, Word, and Fax
  • Output to Prism DocRecord (with metadata)
  • Data-drive bisuness communications with DocForm

    How it works


    DocForm has a project design interface that allows the creation of a wide range of print and electronic communications. Projects can range from simple notifications to complex conditionally processed customer offers.


    DocForm can generate print output to feed the fastest production printers. DocForm's integrated workflow also enables the conditional output of documents based on data and other preset processing rules.


    Deliver your communications in any type of document including: Statements & invoices, Customer notifications, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Employee handbooks, promotional notifications, and many more.

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