Common problems we solve

DocRecord's work process automation enables cost-effective solutions to common problems
Automating unique accounting processes

Accounting processes vary widely by organizations. DocRecord can create work processes that automate much of your current manual processing.

While yours will likely vary, many automated accounting processes include:

  • Automatic data capture from emailed and other PDFs such as invoices,
  • Auto-validating and correcting this extracted data with a database,
  • Comparing the invoice against open purchase orders,
  • Routing for payment approvals based on vendor and total amounts,
  • Emailing the vendor as to the status of their invoice,
  • Scheduling of payment and check runs,
  • Automating check printing and accompanying remittance letter,
  • Archiving all documents in a single, secure repository for instant retrieval.

Automation reduces labor costs and eliminates errors

DocRecord is designed to automate work processes to eliminate most of the manual processing, manual data entry, and paper-based activities. This automation greatly speeds the processing times allowing your team to get more done, in less time, with less work.

Best of all, workflows can be accessed and processed remotely allowing your team to work from anywhere at any time.