Common problems we solve

DocRecord's work process automation enables cost-effective solutions to common problems
Complex multi-page intelligent eForms

eForms vary substantially in complexity, requirements, and purpose. DocRecord can create a wide range of intelligent eForms for all needs. eForms — single page or complex multi-page — can be stand-alone, part of a comprehensive workflow, embedded within a website, or displayed on mobile devices.

Many of these intelligent eForms include:

  • Conditional fields displayed and based upon data entry,
  • Database lookups for conditional data display,
  • eSignatures,
  • Image and document uploading,
  • Desktop and mobile enabled,
  • Searchable eForms library,
  • Part of comprehensive work processing workflow,
  • Can include multi-signature workflow.

eForms increase data accuracy, speed processing, and reduce cost

DocRecord allows the design of intelligent, complex, and conditional eForms — for all organizations across all industries. DocRecord greatly improves data gathering and processing times allowing your team to get more done, in less time, with less work.

eForms power workflows, manufacturing processes, patient and student data gathering, HR applications, and much more.