Advanced scanning capabilities for MFPs & Scanners

ScanPath transforms your multifunctional device to do more


Discover advanced scanning capabilities for your MFP

Simply scanning a document from a multifunction printer (MFP) is usually not enough. Users at the MFP need to do more with their scanned documents.
  • Easily convert and process scanned documents. This is ideal for organizations that bulk scan documents and require their automated data extraction and filing.
  • Scan to network folders, online repositories, and many more. Automatic routing of documents save time and eliminate errors.
  • Provide security and convenience for MFP users with FollowPrint and secure release printing.
  • All the essential features of ScanPath
  • Convert to PDF & PDF/A with full-text searchable OCR

  • Convert to Word, Excel, & PowerPoint

  • Scan-to-Folders

  • Scan-to-Email (Integrates with Microsoft Exchange)

  • Image clean up

  • Individual multifunction printer profiles

  • OCR for over 25 languages

  • Localized interface in multiple languages

  • Scan-to-Web Repositories

  • Workflow and Zonal OCR

  • FollowPrint and secure release printing

  • Bates Stamping

  • Scan-to-Barcode cover sheet

  • FastLink for third-party software integration

  • Why organizations choose ScanPath

    Experience advanced scanning capabilities and standardize your organization's document processing


    Benefits of ScanPath

    ScanPath is easy to set-up and use. Find out all the ways ScanPath can automate all your existing document processes.
  • Speeds processing times and eliminates errors
  • Automatic filing of documents into network folders and SharePoint
  • Automatically scan to custom-built workflows
  • Saves time by automatically converting scanned documents
  • Let us show you Prism ScanPath
    See how our product can make your work easier.